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Hair Care

Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

Our Supreme quality hair shampoo is made in compliance with set international standards of quality. It formulated using the substances that only clans the hair but improve its texture and enhance hair growth.

Hair Shampoo with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

We formulate hair shampoo that contains Aloe Vera & vita. E in it, that makes it apt to be used by anyone & everyone. The shampoo removes the problem of unmanageable, dull and split hair and makes them truly manageable and bouncy

Hair Gel/ Hair Cream/ Hair Oil

Our gel toothpastes contains extra mouthwash for giving extra freshness along with pleasant smell to make the breathe fresher. Offered in fluoride or non-fluoride formulations, these gel toothpastes come in red, blue, green, lemon, yellow and orange colors.

Hair Care Products

Hair Shampoo/ Hair Conditioner/ Hair Gel/Hair Cream/ Shampoo with Amla, Shikhaki & Heena / Shampoo with Aloe Vera & Olive Oil.