Welcome to Sol Derma Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. We provide solutions to dermatology. Our penchant for excellent quality remain our most priority. Our wide range of products enable people to become beautiful. And why not? We deliver what it makes people beautiful and gorgeous. Our association with people stand to win their trust by the solution we provide which is innovative and efficient. We are solution-oriented pharmaceutical company - a company that effectively works with health care professionals, hospitals and managed care organizations to develop and market specialty products that address needs. Our ability to forge strong alliances gives us an edge.


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Message   Ronak Patel (M. D.)   

Famous saying goes like this, "You are what you think and your state of health is." Always and ever inspired by evolution to human health, we at Sol Derma Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd driven by passion to solutions for Dermatology. To keep it simple our effort combine efficiency, quality, honesty and passion for medical solutions to various aspects of health.